Our Sod.

​​We are Tallahassee's only local sod farm, which means our sod retains its beauty and thrives in the Tallahassee climate. Because sod is perishable and dries out quickly it should be laid as soon as possible after it is cut. Our sod is cut fresh and can be either picked up or delivered.  All other area sod suppliers have their sod shipped in (sometimes days after it has been cut) from either Georgia or South Florida. By the time it reaches you it is far from fresh. Plus, some climates in Georgia and South Florida are different from the climate here in Tallahassee. 

We work hard to provide both superior service and sod.

​We sell both Centipede and St. Augustine (Seville) sod by the half pallet or full pallet. 

A pallet of Centipede sod will cover 450 square feet (225 square feet for a half pallet).

A pallet of St. Augustine sod will cover 400 square fee (200 square feet for a half pallet). 

We accept cash, check, Visa, and MasterCard.

You can pick up your sod or we can deliver it to you. Our delivery fee includes our traveling forklift service which allows us to place your pallet in your preferred location of your yard. If you pick up your sod, please be aware that we do not hand load the sod. Therefore please make vehicle arrangements for a wood pallet with sod on top.

Call us at (850) 878-8303 to place an order or schedule a complimentary estimate.